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Pet playtime precautions

May 1, 2013
Minnow the Chinook and Pauli the Dalmatian photo by Riley
Minnow the Chinook and Pauli the Dalmatian photo by Riley

Most dogs like to play, and they’ll do pretty well as long as all the dogs in the play group are about the same size.

If your dog is small (picture under 25-pounds) they will be safest playing with other dogs that are about the same size or smaller. Playing with similar playmates also keeps dogs from accidentally getting into each other’s personal spaces.

Does this mean big and small dogs shouldn’t play together? No. Different sized dogs can have fun together, but the dogs are safer playing with companions that are similar to their own size.

Picture a large dog running after a toy, or big dogs wrestling and roughhousing. In both these scenarios, a little dog may get bowled over by accident and could easily be injured. Small dogs often look like prey animals too — and other dogs may run after them when they are running around or running after toys.

Best to play it safe and keep similar sized dogs playing together.

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