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Trees for pets on Arbor Day

April 26, 2013
Image Riley

From the Arbor Day Foundation comes the Trees for Pets program.

Remember the great times you have shared with your devoted companion, the creature whose unconditional love you never questioned? Now you can do something special that shows just how much your pet has meant to you.

Strong, healthy trees are important to all living creatures who share the Earth. From environmental gains to the social advantages we enjoy when admiring their beauty in our landscape, the benefits of trees touch each of us daily. Yet they face serious challenges, challenges like fire, disease, and insects that can destroy stands of trees that have taken decades to grow.

Trees for Pets – Arbor Day Foundation from Ryan Cole on Vimeo.

This is a video we produced for the Arbor Day Foundation to promote their “Trees for Pets” program to honor a pet by planting a tree.


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