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5 Earth Day pet tips

April 22, 2013
Minnow the Chinook and Pauli the Dalmatian photo by Riley
Minnow the Chinook and Pauli the Dalmatian photo by Riley

It’s so easy to help your pet tread more lightly on Mother Earth and you can do it in these easy steps.

  1. Poop – Scoop up your poop!  Use biodegradable bags to pick up your dog’s waste.  Ordinary plastic bags can take decades to decompose in landfills.  If your bag meets biodegradability standards (ASTM D6400) they will decompose in just months which is so much better for the environment.  For your cats, there are several environmentally friendly alternatives such as kitty litter made of plant sources or recycled newspaper.
  2. Feed – a high quality pet food, and consider feeding pet foods that are natural or organic to increase your pet’s health and well-being.  The higher quality foods provide minimally processed nutrients and are normally preserved with natural substances.
  3. Become a “localvore” – There are lots of fruits and vegetables at your local farmer’s market that your pet will love as a tasty addition to their feeding routine. As localvores, you and your pets will be supporting your local economy and eating healthy choices too.
  4. Protecting wildlife.  Keep dogs on leash and cats indoors to help protect your native wildlife.
  5. Conserve Water.  When bathing you pets, use a hand-held attachment that turns on and off to decrease the amount of water used during bath time. Use warm (not hot) water to save energy.  Select shampoos and grooming products that are as environmentally friendly as possible for your pet and for the water that is heading down the drain.

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